Corporate Visa Aapplications:



Tier 2 Sponsor Register Application.
Sole Representative Visa Application for Sole Representative of New UK Branch.
Visa Applications for Employees and their Dependants.
Companies operating in the UK may require a range of immigration services. They may need to apply to get on to the Tier 2 Sponsor Register so that they can employ skilled foreign nationals to work for them in the UK as Tier 2 Migrants. They may also need assistance in applying for visas for their foreign employees and their dependants and possibly in some cases in applying for indefinite leave to remain for their employees.
Companies operating in the UK with a foreign parent company may particularly wish to employ foreign skilled workers; many such companies wish to employ highly-experienced employees from the parent company as Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Migrants.
Foreign companies intending to set up a branch in the UK may need assistance in applying for a Sole Representative Visa so that the branch can be set up and managed by a senior and experienced employee from the parent company.
We have good experience of all these types of applications that will benefit our clients.